Effective Online Language Courses for Nurses from Abroad

It has never been easier for recruiters to provide candidates with the necessary language skills:


Simple personnel acquisition in countries of origin becomes possible


Engaging, location-independent training courses ensure maximum flexibility


consistent practical relevance underlines the professional competence of their applicants

The care sector in the DACH region is facing major challenges due to the constantly growing demand for qualified personnel. In this time of change, we present you with a practical solution for attracting qualified applicants from abroad and significantly improving their language skills in the shortest possible time.

Medicus Linguae offers German language courses specially tailored to nursing professionals. Using the modern multimedia learning system, participants experience creative and engaging lessons developed by experts with a pedagogical and medical background.

A2 Pflege + Goethe/TELC for applicants preparing for their career in DACH.

Specially developed for applicants who are still working on their language skills. We not only teach the necessary language skills, but also prepare future employees specifically for care-specific professional situations.

Course A2.1 lasts 16 weeks, with 90′ of online face-to-face instruction each and 2 * 60′ of independent preparation and follow-up.

Nursing terminology: basics (B1), advanced (B1/B2) for foreign language professionals.

This is for nursing professionals with B1 or B2 Goethe/TELC who want to further develop their job-specific language skills for care, collaboration, and reporting in DACH.

Technical language basics (B1) lasts 16 weeks, with 90′ online face-to-face lessons and 2 * 45′ independent preparation and follow-up.

Fachsprache Fortgeschritten (B1/B2) lasts 24 weeks, with 90′ online face-to-face lessons and 2 * 45′ independent preparation and follow-up.

It has never been easier for applicants to acquire the language requirements for nurses.

Personnel service providers benefit from our language courses:


Easy personnel acquisition in countries of origin: Through our location-independent online courses, you can attract qualified nurses from abroad at low cost and facilitate their integration into the labour market.


Quick application process: The improved language skills of your applicants and our frequent course starts speed up the entire application process and increase the efficiency of your placement.


Detailed learning progress and intermediate tests: You will gain insight into the progress of your applicants and can better assess their skills.

Free trial lesson:

To demonstrate the quality of our courses, we offer you a free trial lesson. Take this opportunity to see our expertise for yourself and experience the benefits of our tailor-made language courses at first hand. Use the code PL-GRATIS and book a free trial lesson.

Our courses ensure the successful integration of foreign nursing staff.
You will see how quickly your candidate list is significantly strengthened!

Start today to improve your recruitment and simplify the placement of highly qualified nursing staff from abroad.

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Roger Hubmann Founder