German for nursing and health

Online and flexible learning for professionals - with personal support

Medicus Linguae offers German language courses specially tailored to nursing professionals. Using the modern multimedia learning system, participants experience creative and engaging lessons developed by experts with a pedagogical and medical background.

Interactive attendance phases alternate with self-study phases, each supported by dynamic, multimedia learning content with a high degree of practical relevance. The course is supplemented by workshops with nursing-specific content from practice and personal mentoring for each participant.

Learning from anywhere on your smartphone

From practice - for practice

Experienced teachers and medical experts

A state-of-the-art learning platform that motivates you to learn

Our learning program is based on a contemporary blended learning concept:

Each lesson includes online lessons led by a trained language trainer. You can consolidate the learning material independently with the help of numerous multimedia and interactive materials on our digital learning platform.

The advantages for you: Varied, practice-oriented, didactically well-thought-out learning - wherever and whenever you want!

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A2 Care + Goethe 

Preparation for the Goethe A2 certificate includes nursing-specific vocabulary, practical application, and conversation with medical professionals.

Regular module tests consolidate individual learning progress. Intercultural and learning coaching are part of the didactic concept. For nursing professionals preparing for their work in DACH.

Nursing terminology: basics (B1), advanced (B1/B2)

This is for nursing professionals with B1 or B2 Goethe/TELC who want to further develop their job-specific language skills for care, collaboration, and reporting in DACH.

The focus is on the written and oral application of specialist vocabulary in real-life conversational situations and is reinforced in workshops with professionals. Module tests control the learning progress individually.

Dynamic and interactive

The mix of face-to-face creative teaching and digital learning can be combined with appropriate learning styles and experiences. This is how participants learn German with fun and enjoyment.

Competent and practical

The Medicus Linguae team consists of committed and experienced people who come directly from the field: competent language trainers, medical professionals, and motivated specialists from digital education. They take participants "by the hand" and guide them to level A2.

Personal and individual

Participants receive concrete and practical learning tips and regular feedback. In this way, the Medicus Linguae team supports participants with digital and personal input and brings them closer to working in nursing, in German, step by step.

Patricia Manrique Florindez

She has taught German, German as a foreign language and Spanish at universities and schools for over 18 years. She studied economics and business administration in Freiburg and Lima, completed a master's degree in e-learning and trained in methods and didactics at the Goethe-Institut.

Fernando Manrique Florindez

He is a doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and development and healing coach. He has also completed master's degrees in public health and applied ethics. Professionally, he works within the linguistical and intercultural contexts of German, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Happy Students team

This is where talents and fields of study from business, didactics, communication and ethnology intersect. We are committed to providing high-quality, enjoyable learning experiences on smartphones and the internet. With MATRIX, we create engagement and promote learning success.

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